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Surgical Terms & Conditions

Please read the following information. By signing our Surgical Consent Forms, you acknowledge you have read and agree to the following terms and conditions. Your electronic signature on our consent forms is a legal and binding signature. 

Anesthetic Procedures

PetCare of Newberry uses a combination of pre-anesthetic medications, injectables and/or inhalants to achieve optimum levels of anesthesia that are safe for your pet. 

For short procedures & procedures that require minimum sedation, an injectable anesthetic combination is given that produces a good plane of surgical anesthesia with a quick recovery.

For most procedures, your pet is anesthetized and intubated (insertion of a tube into the trachea or windpipe). Intubation will ensure that your pet is able to receive oxygen at all times and prevents aspiration of any fluids into the lungs. 

You understand

Pain medication is required for all surgical procedures at the discretion of the Veterinarian. Charges for pain medication varies based on the individual pet. If the Veterinarian deems pain medication necessary for your pet, you may not decline those charges.

You understand

In order for your pet to receive elective surgery, he/she must be current on his/her Rabies vaccine. If you are unable to provide proof of Rabies vaccination, your pet will be vaccinated on the day of their procedure at your expense. We recommend your pets be up to date on their core vaccines, as well as influenza & Bordetella vaccines. If your pet contracts a contagious illness while at PetCare of Newberry, you agree to not hold PetCare of Newberry liable. Any treatment associated with such will be at owner's expense. 

You understand

Even with extreme care, rare, adverse reactions, which are unpredictable, may occur with any anesthetic procedure. These reactions may include but are not limited to: cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, and/or death. You agree to not hold PetCare of Newberry, or any of its' affiliates, liable should any complication occur.

*If CPR is required, additional charges may be added to your account.

You understand

The practice of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery are not an exact science, therefore, reputable Veterinarians cannot guarantee any specific results. As tissue healing is out of our control, you understand that certain variables do exist which prevent exact results from being projected and which may materially affect the ultimate result. You acknowledge that you have not received any guarantee as to the success of your pet's procedure.

You understand

All surgeries may have complications. Common surgical complications include but are not limited to: Bleeding, infection, suture reactions. Further complications can arise if sutures do not remain intact.

You understand

Payment is required at the time of your pet's discharge. A deposit may be required prior to procedures being performed. 

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